How to Install & Download Hello Neighbor RP Modpack 1.12.2

Hello Neighbor RP modpack has been inspired by survival as well as RPG games. These could be Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley and lots of others. If you happen to be familiar with any of these games which have been aforementioned then this is the pack that can meet your needs and help you experience the same excitement which they have. The main goal of the authors of this pack is to have an environment which is nothing short of fun created. The truth about this is the fact that they haven’t disappointed in any way as this pack is just exactly as they have described it to be.

Hello Neighbor RP has been a combination of both vanity mods and core mods. These are MineTweaker RecipieMaker, Aquaculture, CraftTweaker, chisel, Pam’s HarvestCraft, MumbleLink, Custom Backgrounds, Sound Filters, custom Main Menu and lots more. One thing about this pack is the fact it isn’t only providing minecraft players to survive but also ensuring that they enjoy the best of farming experiences. In other to get a firsthand experience regarding what a pack such as Hello Neighbor RP is all about, you may need to have it downloaded and installed today. You will be amazed at what you have been missing out on this while.

How to Install Hello Neighbor RP Modpack

The installation of CursForge Modpacks is a bit different from the manual installation of mods, since the Twitch App does all the work automatically, and brings great benefits to the player, see some of them:

  • Minecraft Forge is already included in the modpack.
  • Download all modpack mods automatically.
  • Automatic update when available.
  • A inifinity of modpacks with just one click.
  • There is no need to be switching version of minecraft.

Remember that you need an account on the website to login to the app.

See here the complete tutorial on how to install a Modpack from Twitch App.

Requires: Twitch APP

Download Hello Neighbor RP Modpack

Before downloading any file:

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